Capriottis Catering - Do Not Book Wedding at Capriotti's

Mcadoo, Pennsylvania 1 comment

We had originally booked a wedding at Capriotti's.Although we knew there would be another wedding at the facility, we were guaranteed we would get 3/4 of the room and the other wedding would be gone by the time we arrived.

We were shown our exact room set up. I even suggested pushing my reception back an hour to ensure the other wedding would be gone, but was assured it would not be a problem. 3 weeks before our wedding, at a meeting I set-up to review details, it was mentioned we would only be getting half the facility. We asked for them to set this up for up to get an idea and it was crammed!

There was no way we could have had a nice comfortable wedding under these circumstances. To make things worse, they completely denied promising us 3/4 of the facility and everything else we had discussed and agreed upon and were extremely rude and unapologetic. We would up finding another location and the wedding was better than we could have even imagined.

In conversations, it turns out Capriotti's has done this to others and they have a tendency to *** off more than they can chew and overbook.I would be wary when working with them and get EVERYTHING in writing.

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I hope the honeymoon works out better.

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